Monday, January 9, 2012


1. There is no reason for your success or failure other than your state of mind.

2. Sound motivates function.

3. It’s just the singing!

The brass player’s conscious awareness must focus only on the sound they want to create with their instrument. Their conscious commitment to the sound will motivate the subconscious mind to do whatever is necessary mechanically to realize it with an instrument. The most vivid awareness is achieved by mentally singing the music as it’s being played.


Your subconscious mind will respond faithfully and powerfully to your conscious will if you don't interfere with paralyzing self analysis.

Adolph Herseth

It's amazing what the lips can accomplish if you get your mind out of the way.

Arnold Jacobs

I believe that it is best to be somewhat unconscious of your physical maneuvers but highly conscious of your musical goals.

H. A. Vandercook Keep it simple. If you can sing it, you can play it.

Arnold Jacobs I sing the notes in my head as I play them. It doesn’t matter how my lip feels or how I feel.

Adolph Herseth When encountering problems technically or musically, first sing (vocally)then buzz (mouthpiece). Transfer the singing and buzzing to the instrument.

Meredith Willson “The Think System” from “The Music Man”

Marion, the librarian, speaking to Harold Hill, the bandmaster.

Is it true that you have developed a revolutionary new method of teaching music called “The Think System”?

Harold Hill Yes, it’s really quite simple. Nobody has to teach you how to whistle. You only have to think the tune to have it come out perfectly clear.

Roger Rocco

We must have a childlike simplistic approach to executing the incredibly complex mechanical skills that are required to play an instrument or do anything else.



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